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About the Competition

Let’s take a stand, let’s express!

2020 hasn’t been an easy ride, in fact it was a roller-coaster of crises, uncertainty and explosive events. As we draw near to the yearly celebration of Anti-Corruption day on the 9th of December, we have more than ever realized the painful consequences of corruption. While transparency saves lives, corruption leads to disaster: the 4th of August Port Blast is quite a proof.

That is why, for this year’s Anti-Corruption month, the Lebanese Transparency Association-No Corruption, Transparency International’s local chapter, is calling on Lebanon’s best talents and engaged artists to come forth and express in their own way the suffering and impact that has resulted from the 4th of August Explosion.

We are calling you, young and talented minds to enter the “Beirut Blast Masterpiece” Art Contest!

We welcome any creative artwork, painting, drawing, poem, video or theatrical performance that most expresses the pain resulting from the 4th of August explosion that shook not only Beirut, but the whole world!

Submit your entry through this platform and share it with your family, friends and acquaintances to get as much public votes as possible!

  • Registration to the contest is open and free of charge;
  • The submission takes place only through this platform;
  • Submission of work is open till December 13, 2020;
  • The winners will be announced on LTA and Transparency International websites afterwards.

  • One person can only vote once using a valid email address or a Social Media Account;
  • The voting takes place only through this platform;
  • The voting period runs from December 02 to December 13, 2020;
  • The number of votes will be displayed publicly on the contest website for two weeks until December 14, 2020.



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